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Success in learning. Success in life.

The Threes

Threes want to do everything.  Learning is hands on and experiential.  They are explores, builders, painters and engineers. They are willing to fully immerse themselves in learning and get dirty in the process.

The Threes program is organized thematically, enabling children to make thoughtful connections and comparisons from their own observations, explorations and experiences. Utilizing the “project approach” through both long and short term projects, children will be given opportunities to explore art, science, math, language arts, sensory materials, music and movement and bi-weekly chapel. Children will be exposed to developmentally appropriate learning centers as well as small and large group activities.

As threes build comfort in the classroom, with the materials, and their peers, they build their confidence and readiness to learn. This is the true work of childhood. The Threes class attends chapel biweekly.

Age: 3 years old before September 1

School Days: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday

Time: 9:00 to 11:30 a.m.

Staff: 1 Lead Teacher, 2 Assistant Teachers

Students: 18 to 20

The Three’s Day Schedule

9:00  Outdoor Play

9:30  Bathroom/Wash Hands/Quiet Book Time

9:40  Group Circle Time/Lesson

10:00  Free Choice Play/Art Activity

10:35  Clean Up/Quiet Book Time

10:45  Second Group Circle Time/Music

11:05  Bathroom/Wash Hands

11:15  Snack

11:30 Dismissal for Home