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PRE-K Medley

Open to Pre-K students only

Enrichment Class Option: Tuesday or Thursday: 12:30-1:30

Art & Nature

“Look deep into nature and then you will understand everything better.” ~Albert Einstein

Nature has inspired many artists whether it is an array of colors in a sunset or the natural geometry of a pinecone. Some take the beauty and transpose it on to a canvas, however some artists actually manipulate nature and turn it into art. Join us this fall as we create art from nature. This class will provide a variety of hands-on art activities that incorporate science, literacy, math and art inspired by nature. We will learn about artists like Andy Goldsworthy and Patrick Dougherty who use natural materials to create their masterpieces.

Session: 7 weeks in the fall

Fee: $133/Session

Tasty Tales

“No one is born a great cook, one learns by doing.”  ~Julia Child

Cooking is a skill that lasts a lifetime! Our introductory cooking class, Tasty Tales, is designed to provide real-life applications for learning through experiencing simple cooking projects. During our five week class your child’s skills in literacy, math, science, and hand-eye coordination will be enriched as he/she explores measuring, mixing, stirring, and preparing creative, delicious foods to eat. Each of our recipes is carefully planned to expose the children to a variety of healthy ingredients.

Session: 5 weeks in early winter

Fee: $100/Session

Science Wizardry

Science Wizardry will provide children with an exciting opportunity to learn basic science concepts through experimentation. We will learn to “think like scientists” as we develop hypotheses, design experiments, and test our ideas. The children will touch, probe, mix, take apart, look at all the angles, and/or examine the weight of an object as they discover how science can help us better understand the world around us. The pure joy of discovery and taking an active part in learning is the main objective of Science Wizardry.

Session: 6 weeks in late winter

Fee: $108/Session

The Masters

“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.” ~Edgar Degas

To be an artist means expressing yourself in many different ways; drawing, designing, coloring, painting, or sculpting just to name a few. Anyone can be an artist! We create art to set a mood, share our feelings, or explain what we think of the world around us…Monet’s impressions, Vincent’s colors or Matisse’s cutouts. Join us and learn about a different artist each week. What’s their style? What materials and tools did they use to create their masterpieces? After examining the artist’s work, the children will do a project using similar materials or the same style as the artist and create their own work of art.

Session: 7 weeks in the spring

Fee: $126/session