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Success in learning. Success in life.


Our family couldn’t be more pleased with our experience at The Episcopal Preschool. When I first toured the preschool classrooms I was initially impressed by the cheerful space and the warm, friendly staff.  I have come to find that this place is so much more than just that.  The teachers are outstanding and have not only fostered my children’s imaginations, but allowed them to build the confidence and independence they need to succeed in elementary school. The ability to both learn and play in a faith based environment was exactly what our family was looking for in a preschool.  Most importantly, my kids love to go to school.  Our children have thrived at The Episcopal Preschool and we are grateful to have found this special place.

Laura Remus

The Episcopal Preschool provides a nurturing environment that allows children to have fun while learning.  We love the warmth and energy of the preschool and the teachers do such a great job at building a positive self image for your child.  My son looks forward to his “school days” and is learning so much about sharing, making friends, understanding the world around him as well as many other kindergarten readiness skills. I would highly recommend The Episcopal Preschool to all of my friends!

Tori Christensen 

EPS is such a happy place! We have had two sons attend EPS and a third that is currently enrolled. We feel that our boys have been well prepared for elementary school and have flourished under the warm, nurturing staff and their child-centered approach to learning. I really appreciate that the school adapts to the needs of the children. For example, in one of our children’s classes that was boy-heavy and high energy, they altered the schedule so that the children started the day on the playground. They have also done an excellent job of following student interest and integrating that into planned curriculum, whether it be a section on weather, family or transportation or simply, unstructured play. At the same time, our children have benefitted from the structure and discipline that comes from a well run classroom.

Ken & Lauren Turelli

We are currently experiencing The Episcopal Preschool a second time, as our last child is going through the program.  There is not one thing I would change about the preschool. It is professionally run, nurturing, creative, and appropriately educational.  My children have loved everyday that they have spent at the Episcopal Preschool.

Katie Frekko

Holy Spirit Preschool is a warm, nurturing and very inviting environment. The Director and teachers are talented, genuine and understand the individual needs of each child and educate based on those needs. Our 3 year old daughter could not be happier here!  My husband and I highly recommend the school.

Kimberly Carris

The Episcopal preschool has provided a fun, nurturing, challenging and social environment for our two children. Our oldest graduated from The Episopal Preschool in 2011 and was perfectly prepared for kindergarten. At the end of her Pre-K year, she was beginning to read, doing basic math, but more importantly, through the curriculum, had developed a rich curiosity about the world, other cultures, art and music. The curriculum units are rich and engaging (during the week in which the kids learned about the letter “Y”, they did an accompanying unit on yoga. The letter “S” week covered the solar system. The ‘mini camp’ featured a different artist each day–nearly 18 months later, our daughter still talks about the Monet day!). Our youngest daughter just finished the Two’s Program, and throughout the year, I felt the teachers really bonded with her as an individual and pushed her to try new things that helped her develop confidence away from home. We feel very lucky to have found a school that has challenged our children, inspired a love of learning and prepared them so well to work with others.

Susan Loiacano